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Condition Nutrition’s workshops and seminars can cover a variety of topics tailored to your audiences needs.


Speaking rates depending time of presentation, travel costs, and preparation time.

Together, we can !!!
Please contact us to discuss further

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Peter came down to New Wave Academy recently to run a seminar with our fighters. The first thing that was apparent was his level of professionalism. Peter turned up over an hour early to set up and make sure everything was okay.

The seminar itself was invaluable. It was delivered with energy and in easily understandable language. Nothing was too much trouble and Peter was happy to digress and answer any questions which arose during the seminar. A true test of someone's knowledge on a given subject.

Our guys all came away giving the thumbs up with a much better understanding of fighter nutrition.

Get Condition Nutrition into your gym and working with your coaches and fighters. Highly recommended.


~Colin Nwadike
New Wave Academy Training Centre

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